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What happens if I take more Lovebears than the recommended quantity?2019-07-10T11:36:35+01:00

The ingredients of Lovebears have no known side effects.
An overdose should be avoided though. There may be temporary disorders of digestion, sweating, abdominal cramping or nausea.

How fast do Lovebears work?2019-06-27T22:29:31+01:00

Like most food supplements they will only develop their full potential with regular consumption. We recommend taking Lovebears for at least three weeks twice daily. Alternatively, 4 pieces about half an hour before intercourse or sports activities. Do not take more than 8 per day, also see labelling of the bottle.

How many Lovebears should I take?2018-09-17T21:14:12+01:00

We recommend taking 4 gummybears twice a day. You can eat the bears anytime of day, together or separate, with or without food!

Can women take Lovebears?2019-06-27T22:35:35+01:00

Yes, sure! Even though Lovebears are made form en also women can take them. Especially Arginin is used regularily as “Pump-Supplement” for supporting performance in sports and training sessions.
Pregnant and nursing women should first consult with their GP though.

Are there any side effects?2018-09-17T21:11:03+01:00

As long as you stick to the recommended consumption quantity Lovebears are free of any side effects. It is best to review the ingredients for any sensitivities or allergies you may have.

Where do the ingredients of Lovebears come from?2018-09-17T20:58:21+01:00

The Arginine and Citrullin used for Lovebears are plant-based, vegan amino acids derived by fermentation. Our amino acids are manufactured by renown international producers fulfilling highest quality standards. Our grapeseed extract is produced from pure French grapes. Lovebears are produced in Germany. The ingredients of our products are subject to strict quality controls in German laboratories.


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