What Lovers say

Anita and Robert, Waldshut

Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by LoveBears

We are married for 8 years now and have two children. My job is very exhausting and during the week I was only tired in the evening. There wasn’t happening much in bed anymore. My wife got Lovebears a few weeks ago for fun. I was almost offended at first, but then I took them anyway. After three weeks I notice the difference. Also in sports. It’s almost like when we first met. We are impressed. Everyone has to find out for themselves but I can only recommend it.

Marco Hainz, Berlin

My girlfriend loves them too. Also helps me in the gym.

I train regularly in the gym. I’m 180cm tall but weighed almost 85kg. When I looked in the mirror, I was too fat and I didn’t feel sexy. A friend had recommended Lovebears. I’ve been taking them for about two months now and I have to say that I can last much longer in training – and in bed – and also get more muscle. Nevertheless, I lost 2kg. Looks good again. My girlfriend likes them too. And its more fun in bed again too.

Carl Singer (52) from Stuttgart

Great product, I have been taking Lovebears for three months now. Its just fun!

My girlfriend is a good 15 years younger than me. We enjoy our time together. But in bed I sometimes felt a bit overwhelmed. I have tried the usual remedies from the online pharmacy but the side effects have always bothered me. Then my girlfriend got me. At first I thought that was a joke. Gummibears, really? But I have to say – they really do the trick. After 3 months I feel 10 years younger again. Top recommendation